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Showing 1 - 24 of 52 products
Original “Zwerenz Swedish Balm "Original “Zwerenz Swedish Balm "
HerbsnRoots Original “Zwerenz Swedish Balm "
Sale price€15,39
€7,33 / 100g
Swedish Herb CreamSwedish Herb Cream
HerbsnRoots Swedish Herb Cream
Sale price€15,39
€15,39 / 100ml
Prostate TeaProstate Tea
HerbsnRoots Prostate Tea
Sale price€13,99
€6,66 / 100g
Free-Breath BlendFree-Breath Blend
HerbsnRoots Free-Breath Blend
Sale price€14,29
€6,80 / 100g
Stomach MixtureStomach Mixture
HerbsnRoots Stomach Mixture
Sale price€14,29
€6,80 / 100g
Herb flushHerb flush
HerbsnRoots Herb flush
Sale price€14,59
€6,95 / 100g
Hyaluronic HydraHyaluronic Hydra
HerbsnRoots Hyaluronic Hydra
Sale price€27,90
€55,80 / 100ml
Save €4,00
6x Swedish bitters6x Swedish bitters
HerbsnRoots 6x Swedish bitters
Sale price€92,34 Regular price€96,34
€7,33 / 100g
Good Night MixGood Night Mix
HerbsnRoots Good Night Mix
Sale price€13,99
€8,23 / 100g
Save €19,39
Sweden balm savings set 10 + 1 for freeSweden balm savings set 10 + 1 for free
HerbsnRoots Sweden balm savings set 10 + 1 for free
Sale price€153,90 Regular price€173,29
€6,66 / 100g
Deocreme Refresh D7 - ODOR-KILLER without aluminum - for women and menDeocreme Refresh D7 - ODOR-KILLER without aluminum - for women and men
Small Swedish bitter approachSmall Swedish bitter approach
HerbsnRoots Small Swedish bitter approach
Sale price€15,50
€6,89 / 100g
Women's VitalityWomen's Vitality
HerbsnRoots Women's Vitality
Sale price€14,90
€7,10 / 100g
Schietwetter (Foul Weather) TeaSchietwetter (Foul Weather) Tea
HerbsnRoots Schietwetter (Foul Weather) Tea
Sale price€10,25
€6,03 / 100g
Get Well mixtureGet Well mixture
HerbsnRoots Get Well mixture
Sale price€13,19
€6,28 / 100g
Men's Vital TeaMen's Vital Tea
HerbsnRoots Men's Vital Tea
Sale price€14,90
€7,10 / 100g
Fresh Ginger LemonFresh Ginger Lemon
HerbsnRoots Fresh Ginger Lemon
Sale price€10,40
€4,95 / 100g
Relax TeaRelax Tea
HerbsnRoots Relax Tea
Sale price€14,90
€7,10 / 100g
Hyaluronic HexaHyaluronic Hexa
HerbsnRoots Hyaluronic Hexa
Sale price€28,90
€96,33 / 100ml
Family Herbs "Supreme"Family Herbs "Supreme"
HerbsnRoots Family Herbs "Supreme"
Sale price€10,30
€7,92 / 100g
Floret (or Blume) TeaFloret (or Blume) Tea
HerbsnRoots Floret (or Blume) Tea
Sale price€10,29
€9,80 / 100g
Save €2,70
Deodorant Savings setDeodorant Savings set
HerbsnRoots Deodorant Savings set
Sale price€39,00 Regular price€41,70
€0,26 / ml
Turkish Apple Tea with Vitamin CTurkish Apple Tea with Vitamin C
HerbsnRoots Turkish Apple Tea with Vitamin C
Sale price€8,49
€4,04 / 100g

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