Wild Cherry Tea - Fine fruit tea loose - mix of selected fruits in top quality

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  • Enjoy a delicious thirst quencher with our fruit tea mixture
  • Our top quality loose fruit tea tastes warm, but also tastes good chilled in summer
  • In addition to hibiscus blossoms and apples, our fruit tea contains loose rose and marigold blossoms as well as rosehip shells
  • Our fine fruit tea consists exclusively from selected raw materials of the finest quality
  • We pay attention to environmentally friendly production of our tea and do not use unnecessary packaging

Fruit teas are already extremely popular with children and delight with their intensely aromatic taste. At this point we offer you a fine fruit tea loose as a mixture in the best 1A quality. We only use selected raw materials in our tea, which we also check for pesticide residues.

Our loose fruit tea blend “Wilde Cherry” is an excellent thirst quencher, hot and cold. In summer, our fruit tea is best enjoyed chilled. In winter, of course, it also tastes warm and impresses with its particularly intense aroma. Our loose fruit tea is absolutely caffeine-free, so it is suitable for children without hesitation.

Dose the top quality loose fruit tea individually according to your wishes. Pour hot water over the desired amount of tea and let it steep for a few minutes. During this rest period, the tea develops its particularly intense taste. Since the loose fruit tea is a purely natural product, it is not only particularly digestible, but also stimulates the body's self-healing powers. In this way, it makes an important contribution to preventing various kinds of complaints.

Our tea made in Germany is packaged in an environmentally friendly way. We deliberately refrain from further outer boxes, sham packaging and problem packaging. In this way we avoid unnecessary environmental pollution. In addition to hibiscus blossoms and apples, our exquisite tea collection also contains rose blossoms, marigold blossoms and rosehip peels. All raw materials for the tea are only harvested when they are really ripe. This makes the tea taste particularly aromatic.

Enjoy hot and cold !

< strong data-mce-fragment = "1"> Ingredients:
Hibiscus blossoms, apple, rose hip peel, rose blossoms, aroma, marigold blossoms

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