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For the production of the great Swedish bitter according to the Swedish doctor Dr. Samst

"Original Zwerenz Sweden balm"
22 different herbs and roots

✔ MAXIMUM EFFECTIVENESS - A total of 22 different herbs and roots for the production of the "big" Swedish bitter - Content: 210 g natural power per pack for 1.5 to 2 liters of alcohol - 100% natural from purely vegetable raw materials - GMO-free - vegan - vegetarian - can also be used alcohol-free as tea - can be kept for several years!

✔ IMPROVED WELL-BEING - Swedish herbs are known for their health benefits. They can support the self-healing powers and bring relief: high blood pressure, indigestion, wound healing, warts, purification, stimulate the metabolism, strengthen the immune system and much more. They are probably the best known home remedy.

A CALM CONSCIENCE WITH GERMAN PRODUCTS - Many cheap Swedish herb products are imported from Asia or other third countries, repackaged and distributed unchecked. Our raw materials are checked and certified in Germany for pesticides and many other residues - then processed, packaged and delivered directly to the customer.

✔ ALSO SUITABLE FOR ANIMALS - Pets can also benefit from the positive properties of Swedish herbs - many of our customers report great successes.

✔ SUPPLY FOR MANY MONTHS - those with our pack The amount of Swedish bitter produced gives you a great PRICE-PERFORMANCE RATIO and supplies you, depending on the application, for many months.

Contained herbs and roots:
rock candy, citrus root, nut cabbage, tormentile root, angelica root, marshmallow root, senna leaves, calamus root, rhubarb root, club moss, speedwell, wormwood, myrrh, beaver root, ginger root, aloa, mistletoe Safflower (Valerian Root + Cinnamon + Cardamom = Ther iak)

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