Willowherb tea - small-flowered in the best quality - according to Maria Treben

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  • Our fireweed tea supports you in best quality with problems related to urination
    • The herbal tea collection is based on a recipe according to Maria Treben and is particularly beneficial
      < li> The fireweed tea helps you to alleviate urination problems in a natural way
    • You can rely on the tea to work quickly. Within a few days he creates the desired relief
    • Our fireweed tea is GMO-free and, as a purely herbal product, particularly digestible
    • Dose the prostate tea mixture individually according to your needs. The tea only needs a few minutes to develop its aroma.

    With our fireweed tea, we have a beneficial prostate tea mixture ready for you. Our high-quality herbal tea is based on a recipe by Maria Treben and helps with all problems related to urination. Due to its purely herbal composition, it is particularly digestible and quickly relieves symptoms. After a few days you will benefit from a significant relief.

    Of course our fireweed tea is absolutely GMO-free. The raw materials we use are checked for pesticide residues so that you get a perfect prostate tea blend. You can dose our fireweed tea individually according to your wishes. Scald the herbs with hot water and let the tea steep for a few minutes so that it can develop its pleasant aroma.

    Look forward to a particularly pleasant taste with our prostate tea mixture. We only work with certified companies for the control of raw materials. We attach great importance to environmentally friendly implementation in all of our products. We do not use unnecessary packaging or sham packaging for our fireweed tea either. With our prostate tea mixture, you can rely on a high pharmaceutical quality right from the start. Activate the self-healing powers of your body with the beneficial herbs.

    WILKROT small-flowered

    " epilobium parviflorum “in pharmaceutical quality

    beneficial for problems with urinating

    Willowroeschen known from Maria Treben

    RELIEVE PROSTATE COMPLAINTS - Tea made from fireweed can help relieve urination problems in a natural way

    QUICK EFFECT - often noticeable relief within a few days

    PHARMACEUTICAL QUALITY no powder - our raw materials are checked in Germany by certified companies, < span class = "Apple-converted-space">

    < p> processed, packaged and delivered directly to the customer

    GENTECHNIK-FREI - purely vegetable product - hygienically packaged - shelf life for several years

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