SWEDENTROPFEN "MAZERAT" bitter drops made from bitter herbs

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• Concentrated bitter substances • obtained through cold water maceration as well as alcoholic extract of the active ingredients • Vegetarian - vegan genetic engineering free

  • Original Swedish bitter - bitter drops MAZERAT made from 22 herbs & roots
  • Inspired by Hildegard von Bingen's herbalism, we present you original Swedish bitter drops
  • Consume the original Swedish bitter either before or after your meal
  • Our Sweden bitter is made through maceration. This process is considered to be particularly gentle and ensures high quality
  • Our original Sweden bitter is made in Germany. All raw materials are strictly controlled by us


With our Original Schwedenbitter we present you a high quality Swedish herb, which we produce for you according to the traditional recipe of Hildegard von Bingen. The Schwedenbitter was originally known through Maria Treben. It is made up of a total of 22 herbs and roots that have an intense and beneficial effect on the body.


Our original Swedish bitter is a real MAZERAT. Through the maceration process, thermally unstable, but also volatile ingredients can be gently removed from the vegetable raw materials. This makes the original Swedish bitter particularly digestible. Enjoy our Schwedenbitter either before or after your meal.


Just a few drops of the Swedish herb on the tongue before eating are enough to completely change the taste. But even after eating, the Swedish bitter has a very special effect. The mixture of 22 herbs and roots ensures that cravings for sweets are satisfied after eating. This can have a positive effect on weight development.


We pay attention to the high quality of our Original Schwedenbitter right from the start. So we rely on production in Germany out of conviction. We check all raw materials in Germany comprehensively for pesticides and do not use unnecessary outer packaging for packaging. In addition to calamus and nut cabbage, the Swedish bitter contains, for example, marshmallow root, angelica root and wormwood.

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