Hyaluron & Deodorant Set

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Consists of: Hyaluron Hydra, Hyaluron Hexa, Deocreme D7

Description Hyaluron

With immediately - and long-term effect

The ideal anti-aging care combination!

Quickly noticeable reduction in wrinkles with paracress and hexapeptide-8. Padding and filling of the moisture deposits with hyaluronic oligomers and urea. Care and protection of the skin with organic aloe, organic ginkgo, vitamin B3, malachite and other antioxidants. Provides the skin with intensive moisture.

Vegan - without genetic engineering - without nanoparticles - without preservatives

The effect:
Noticeably smoother skin. Radiant younger appearance. Pleasant skin feeling. Non-greasy. Improved complexion. Protection against light-related stress.
Effect that can be felt quickly. Can be painted over immediately!

The application:
Apply "HYDRA" to face, neck and décolleté mornings and evenings
(men also after shaving).
In addition, occasionally apply "HEXA" to particularly dry, wrinkled areas as well as age spots or dark circles.

Our tip:
Use HEXA as a booster in between.
For Woman and man.

Description deodorant

Deodorant D7 vegan without Aluminum for women and men to neutralize odors

  • Rely on the healthy alternative to classic deodorant: Our deodorant is vegan and without aluminum
  • Due to the odor-neutralizing effect, our deodorant without aluminum is suitable for men and women
  • You get our deodorant as a vegan cream in a practical dispenser so that it is easy to dose
    • The vegan deodorant prevents the development of sweat and body odor, but comes without silicones, allergens and animal testing
      • Our vegan deodorant does not contain cocoa and shea butter, which is why it stays smooth for a long time

      HIGHLY EFFECTIVE against sweat and body odor. The development of the odor is prevented by optimizing the pH value - odor-causing bacteria cannot develop - any odor that has already arisen is neutralized. Conventional deodorant products only whitewash the smell of sweat with perfume without preventing it.

      Are you looking for an alternative to a classic deodorant - ideally vegan and without aluminum? Then rely on our deodorant cream. Due to the odor-neutralizing effect, our deodorant without aluminum is suitable for women and men. It reliably prevents the formation of body and sweat odor and thus ensures a pleasant body feeling. D7 has a subtle, neutral smell so you can use it with perfume.

      We deliver our deodorant as a vegan cream in practical HYGIENIC DISPENSER - this makes the cream economical and clean to use - no residue under your fingernails. With many deodorant rollers (roll-ons) or deodorant creams, in jars or cans, hygienic use is problematic - because impurities such as sweat, bacteria, hair, flakes of skin are introduced into the product during use and thus from use several people are not advisable. The dispenser allows hygienic and clean removal of the desired amount of deodorant at any time.

      By doing without On cocoa and shea butter, our aluminum-free deodorant for women and men stays supple over the long term. Thanks to its soft consistency, the cream can be distributed very easily and dosed precisely. Our purely vegan product does not contain any allergens, silicone or animal testing.

      Without ALUMINUM SALTS for men and women.
      Free of substances that clog sweat glands or pores and cause inflammation. With the 50ml dispenser, Refresh-D7 is the ideal companion when traveling, it fits ideally in every handbag or sports bag

      NATURAL ACTIVE INGREDIENTS make Refresh-D7 so effective that
      during production all listed substances of concern can be dispensed with.

      Furthermore, our vegan deodorant as a cream is particularly environmentally friendly . ESPECIALLY ECONOMICAL and therefore sufficient for many weeks
      The hygienic dispenser means that Refresh-D7 is around one many times more productive than most commercially available deodorant products.
      It only has to be applied very thinly in order to achieve optimal Act. No loss as with propellant spray or pump spray! With our deodorant without aluminum for men and women, we can dispense with the use of propellants and nanoparticles and thus consciously relieve the environment. Furthermore, we are convinced that we do not use unnecessary outer boxes and sham packaging.


      Helianthus Anuus Seed Oil, Cocos Nucifera Oil, Sodium Bicarbonte, Zinc Oxide, Butyrospermum Parkii Butter, Hydrogenated Castor Oil Candelilla Cera, Glyceryl Caprylate, Parfum , Ascorbyl palmitate, tocopherol

      Instructions for use:
      Distribute the required amount" thin "under the armpits - or in the desired areas >

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