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  • ✅ LUNG TEA forte - beneficial for bronchial complaints, dissolves phlegm, eases coughing, cough tea, relieves coughing, warming, pleasant to the taste
  • ✅ WHAT OUR CUSTOMERS SAY ✅ ... keeps what it promises - I am very satisfied with the result ✅ ... excellent effect and quick action ✅ ... Quality is convincing and the tea tastes good ✅ Super ✅… fully meets my expectations ✅ Extremely good and extremely beneficial
  • ✅ WITHOUT CHEMISTRY - Natural herbal tea products can improve well-being and are known for their health benefits. You can support and prevent the self-healing powers of your body
  • ✅ 100% NATURE - GMO-free vegetable raw materials - vegan - vegetarian ✅ Made in GERMANY - many products of this type are imported from third countries, repackaged and distributed uncontrolled. In Germany, our raw materials are checked for pesticides and other residues, packed and delivered directly to the customer
  • ✅ ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY - In the procurement of the raw materials as well as in the production and shipping to the customer, unnecessary outer boxes, problem packaging or oversized sham packaging are avoided ✅ SWISS QUALITY - MADE IN GERMANY < / li>

Ingredients: < / strong>
Ribwort, liquorice root, fennel, thyme, marshmallow leaves, mallow leaves, blue mallow blossoms, primrose blossoms

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