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Protection and care for the whole body While the Swedish bitter extracted from the herbs is mainly used for internal application, the cream made with the herbal extract is intended for external use. Natural cosmetics for skin care - moisturizer for dry skin - lip care WHAT’S INSIDE? The purest lanolin as well as the "full extract", i.e. the pure essence, from the precious Swedish herbs are used for the production of this high-quality protective cream. Concentrated nature power for the entire body packed in a practical hygienic tube with a seal - ideal for the handbag - no heavy pot. WHAT’S NOT INSIDE? The use of petroleum products such as paraffin or vaseline has been deliberately avoided as they form a lubricating film on the skin, but can dry the skin underneath, promoting wrinkle formation. Without lard. GMO-free. IMPROVED WELL-BEING Swedish herb cream is known for its health benefits. It can nourish and soothe the skin and bring relief from: itching from lichen and eczema, dry skin, cold sores, torn corners of the mouth, sores, cracks, inflamed nail beds, inflamed noses and provides protection against cold and dirt! Keep your skin soft and supple.

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