Original Zwerenz Swedish bitter - from 22 herbs & roots - bitter Swedish drops by Maria Treben

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Original Zwerenz Sweden bitter known from Maria Treben

 We make our Sweden bitter from the original Zwerenz Swedish herbs - a Swedish herb mixture with 22 herbs & roots

 Our bitters are 100 percent vegan and contain numerous health-promoting natural bitter substances

 Also known as Schwedenbalsam, the Schwedenbitter according to Dr. Sam is a well-known and valued home remedy

 We produce our Original Zwerenz Schwedenbitter exclusively in Germany

 Enjoy our Sweden bitter before or after your meal. The bitter substances also help to avoid cravings for sweets


Together with us, you can rely on a tried and tested home remedy that has been known for many centuries! Our original Zwerenz Sweden bitter known by Maria Treben is still produced exclusively in Germany, so we can guarantee you a high quality. Also known as Schwedenbalsam, the Original Schwedenbitter consists of 22 selected herbs and roots that have a beneficial effect on the body.

The Swedish balm contains numerous valuable bitter substances and is probably the best-known home remedy. The bitters also suppress the hunger for chocolate and other sweets, so that the consumption of Swedish bitters can have a positive effect on the calorie intake.

We only use the best raw materials for our Sweden bitter. Both the bitter herbs, herbal teas and raw materials are subjected to a comprehensive review by us and checked for pesticides and other undesirable ingredients.

The Swedish bitter enjoys an excellent reputation far beyond the Nordic borders and has established itself as a home remedy. Developed by Dr. Samst, a Swedish doctor, made the recipe known all over the world, primarily through Maria Treben. We only use purely vegetable raw materials for our Sweden bitter, so that we can offer you a purely vegetarian and vegan product at the same time.

In order to protect the environment, we do without unnecessary outer boxes and problem packaging with our Schwedenbitter.

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